Sunday, May 27, 2012

Street Theology

Some Sundays are a coffee in bed with a podcast kinda days...a very restful Sabbath. This Sunday was one of those Sabbath days. The podcast came from Street Theology. Thanks to LeRoy and Carl it became a time full of thinking and those thoughts lead to much prayer!

I will not get into the reasons the podcast was a great food for thought but more so tell you how you can get their free podcasts.

Missionaries are always looking for ways to get free spiritual food. We all attend churches but there are times you are just in need of more spiritual feeding. While I was looking for more"free spiritual food" I stumbled across free podcasts on iTunes from Street Theology and Carl Medearis! Carl is the author of Speaking of Jesus the art of NOT-evangelism, the book I wrote about a few days ago.

Carl has much knowledge and experience of building relationships with Muslims. I live in a country where there are many Muslims, but that is not the only reason I find Carl's thoughts and teaching fascinating! (Even as I right this I can hear the call to prayer.)  He digs deep, he looks at how Jesus has the power to save but religion kills faith, and shows us how we often try to defend Christianity instead of speaking Jesus.  I can relate to this un-natural feeling of the need stand up for Christ but never speak His name for fear of offending.    

So I would encourage get some good sound, FREE, spiritual food. If you have iTunes, long on and search for Carl Medearis. If you do not have iTunes or are a book person over audio, get this book, Speaking for Jesus. Please read and listen with open ears. You will be challenged in a good way, so open your heart to seek the truth in what he is saying and where you fit into it. Just know that Jesus has all power but some how in this day and age we have taken the power Christ has and given it to people and buildings....things that are powerless without the power of Jesus!

Carl Medearis
Street Theology

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