Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I made it!

Currently I am sitting on my bed at the AIM US Office! I am enjoying some apple slices and settling into the room while rocking out to JJ Heller. :) Even as I sit here.....it is so hard to believe that I am here!

It has been years in the making for this one week. God is soooooo good! However I wont lie. It is going to be very hard not seeing my 10 little owls tomorrow morning. But little do they know they will have a treat in their cubbies from me TOMORROW!

So here is the anticipated week. Your prayers are still welcomed. As the week goes on I will post about what I am learning, who I am meeting (there a great group of staff and candidates), and how God is moving.

Thank you all for your love and support. There is NO way God would have lead me here without all of you at home in the Bay! Love you all!

Monday, February 21, 2011

3:10am, no sleep, and my orange bag!

The day has come! I am sitting in the San Jose Airport waiting for my first flight. Some how I got up one time at 3:30am took a shower and was ALMOST ready when my ride come to get me. My orange bag is checked in and going all the way to Newark Airport while I get to enjoy 2 flights. While checking in I over hear people talking about how their flights were growned due to bad weather! As I sit here I am praying against any weather or ANYTHING the enemy would like to hit me with on this day of travel.

Yesterday was a blessing at church. I was called up to be prayed over and it was so SPIRIT-filled! It was a great moment and one that God used to speak to me. This week will life changing! As excited as I am I am SO nervous. Please pray! I will keep you all posted once I touch down.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Few Weeks Away...

Hello Family and Friends,
A few weeks left till I am off to New York for Africa Inland Mission's Candidate Week. Things are coming together....but the "do get done" list is still long. Your prayers at this time would be a blessing.

This month is a short one for work and we are doing assessments so time is never enough. Also prayers for my sub would be great. She is a sweet and very skilled but with subbing there is always surprises.

Personal my health is not the best. For the last few weeks I have been sick with something that is just not going away. Wednesday I have an appointment to see the doctor.....health before I leave would be a great answer to prayer!

Lastly my spirit is getting nervous! Walking is God's will is always scary and exciting. I am asking God to calm my spirit and help it be open to what He has next for me. Thank you fort all your support and prayers.