Saturday, September 29, 2012

A helpful tool... Martha Stewart Funnel

So, before I packed up and moved 1/2 around the world I was blessed to spend over a week with my family in Arizona. Still totally confused why on earth they packed up and moved to the desert. But, hey the Lord works in funny ways right?!

While I was spending some good family time with them I also worked on my "bring to Africa list." One day all us ladies headed to Macy's I was excited because they where having a huge sale! Even with all my excitement I never thought I would find something "useful" for Africa....but low and behold I did!

Sitting on a table in the "home department" were some Martha Stewart cooking tools. Glancing over the table, something caught my eye. There were fun colored funnels. But not just any funnel mind you. They were 1/2 they folded up! "How great," is the first thought that came to my mind. I mean great!? They were light weight and  folded up. Prefect for packing only 6 bags to start a home and ministry in Uganda.

It has been almost two years from the time I bought two of the "how great" funnels and I love them. They do not take much space in my small kitchen and are so helpful. Truly! I have to filter my water or boil it before I can drink it. Also I have one with me when I travel, when I  might have to boil and pour water into a jarry-can or water bottle. They travel well and are so light I will even be taken one on my tip into South Sudan. Why would I not?! On those flights every Kg counts!! (It is a bush flight)

Now these is just some of the most common uses I have found for this great kitchen tool, but I could not even begin to think how helpful they would be back in the "West." Not only in the home but; office, school, classroom, and more! The fact they come in different colors is so helpful! My green funnel is the travel one and the blue one is for my home only. If you had to you could have one for each day of the week!

I know a funnel might not be on the top of your shopping list but if you are in need of one I say go with the Martha Stewart Kitchen Funnel (product number 7.678.271)!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh, how He loves us!

The ladies all piled in my car.....this is how we roll!

Yesterday evening I was blessed! Over 60 ladies got together to enjoy fellowship, worship, and prayer. It was so amazing to be surrounded "like minded ladies." Truly the Lord knows what He is doing, call each lady here to Uganda to meet an need, while loving and supporting one another.

A group from the States came out to "love on" us missionary ladies here in Kampala.  They brought goodies from the States, a amazing worship leader, tasty things for a meal, and Mama Kits. As great as it was to get some goodies the icing on the cake was worshiping an praying with these amazing 60+ ladies!

Lingrid and Kristen
We sang under the stars and moon on a cool clear Kampala night. Kampala is a very hilly city and as we worshiped the lights of the near by hills were all a glow (imagine power was on for the whole night.) It was so powerful to stand outside and lift my hands to the Lord in the natural beauty of the city!

As the song "How He Loves Us" started tears filled my eyes. Tears of joy. Our God is amazing. There are so many people in the world and He loves each and everyone of them. He knows how much pain and suffering millions of people go through each and every day. He longs for many to come to know Him. To trust in His saving grace! And I was reminded of this while worshiping with other ladies whom the Lord has called to Uganda. Each one is working in a different area, facing different challenges, but all have the same goal. Each of us long with the Lord to many to come to know Him!

Janice and I
Thank you Lord for like minded ladies who have a heart for your people here in Uganda. You are so loving and show me daily in little ways how big you are yet how personal you are with me. Oh, how you love me! -Amen

Sunday, September 9, 2012

T.I.A. (this is so AFRICA)

Today I ran around my house (after sleeping for about 4 hours extra in the morning, was not feeling so hot) and getting things ready for the  new week. Also tried a new workout routine. At the end I was dirty and in need of more rest.

I deiced to have a bath! (One must enjoy it while city power is on to heat the water and oh yeah, when city water is on as well!) Got everything ready and I heard the "almost daily click" of city power going off and battery back up kicking on. Thankfully I had a hot bath waiting for it was fine that city power went of, well that is what I was thinking. After my bath I saw city power was still off in my flat but lights around our building were on. Strange you say....haha NO! Often for some reason or another a switch flips and city power is cut in my flat alone. So I walked down stairs to look at the was as it should be. As I walked back up to my flat I heard "EHHHHHHH" and I replied with "HMMMM" and raised eyebrows (the way you know when someone is hearing you and following you conversation out here.) It was one of our grounds guys. He said power was off. He laughed when I looked at him with a dumb founded look (we were standing in a very light hall way!). So he explained.

Something about the wire from the pole in front of our building and having a bad connection to one side of the building. Guess who's side of the building?! :) Yup, that is right, MINE!

Praying the guy who I was told will come tomorrow to fix it comes. Until then it is very little light in the house to save the precious battery power, who knows how long it will be till our side has city power again! Yup, T.I.A. home sweet home!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Playing in the Dirt!!!!

The Hippy, Green Lover, ECO Friendly, CALI Girl in me is coming out! I live in a second-story flat but that wont stop me from growing some yumm-o veg!

This evening I had some fun on my front and back patio getting my hands in the dirt, pulling some weeds, and singing out loud (sorry neighbors!). Before today there was a mix of want to be veg and flower on both patios. Taking some time to think, I do that some times. It made more sense to have all the veg in the back, right outside the kitchen door. So, all the lettuce, wild rocket, mint, rosemary, and tomatoes got moved around.

When things have sprouted, bloomed, and ripened I can not wait to taste their goodness. Even when living in a very green country like Uganda I miss Farmers Markets. Taking an early Saturday morning with good friends, thinking of you Miss Kari, while walking around and getting your shopping list knocked out. Oh, and the verity! There is a berry shape hole in my heart after moving out here! But I digress....

While having one of my "missing Cali" moments I realized I could grow some greens. It will never replace all the fabulous Farmer Markets but it is all one can do at this point.  Also I get to play in the dirt! So, fingers crossed! Here is to playing in the dirt and fresh veg!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ladies, Crafts, and Smiles...

If you enjoy crafting then you know the feeling that comes over you when a project is done. You also enjoy looking around for new ideas. Like-minded friends are always share tips with you. Often you get together with other to work on things and share some laughs. (Come on crafters.....raise your hand hand HIGH!) If you know these feelings you are not alone!

Last Saturday was the first "Ladies Craft Fellowship!" It was so fun!!! Over the last few months my heart has been feeling for ladies working on the mission field, specifically the ones that are in Kampala. Everyone is busy. They work 24/7 most days and are giving  giving giving. Now personally I know the feeling, due to the fact I have lived in the field for over a year, of being alone in a crowded city! So after thinking and praying for many months I asked ladies to come together! Asked them to join a fun filled afternoon with other ladies. We shared some craft ideas, ate together, and most importantly connected!
We made necklaces out of old T-Shirts! Not a stitch needed!
The turn out was small, due to the fact many could not come even though they wanted to. After everyone left and had mentioned how nice it was to get together I felt lead to do the fellowship monthly!
One of the lovely ladies that came on Saturday!

So now once a month we will gather together in my home to share ideas, recipes, crafts, and life. We are all excited! Your prayers would be a blessing at this point. We are trying to work out a time each month that works well for most of us....with our schedules you can image how crazy hard that it. Also if you have any craft or recipe ideas please share! We would love grow our idea list. Just leave a comment below.  We also promise to take photos of your idea if they come to fruition and post them for the world to see!