Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh, how He loves us!

The ladies all piled in my car.....this is how we roll!

Yesterday evening I was blessed! Over 60 ladies got together to enjoy fellowship, worship, and prayer. It was so amazing to be surrounded "like minded ladies." Truly the Lord knows what He is doing, call each lady here to Uganda to meet an need, while loving and supporting one another.

A group from the States came out to "love on" us missionary ladies here in Kampala.  They brought goodies from the States, a amazing worship leader, tasty things for a meal, and Mama Kits. As great as it was to get some goodies the icing on the cake was worshiping an praying with these amazing 60+ ladies!

Lingrid and Kristen
We sang under the stars and moon on a cool clear Kampala night. Kampala is a very hilly city and as we worshiped the lights of the near by hills were all a glow (imagine power was on for the whole night.) It was so powerful to stand outside and lift my hands to the Lord in the natural beauty of the city!

As the song "How He Loves Us" started tears filled my eyes. Tears of joy. Our God is amazing. There are so many people in the world and He loves each and everyone of them. He knows how much pain and suffering millions of people go through each and every day. He longs for many to come to know Him. To trust in His saving grace! And I was reminded of this while worshiping with other ladies whom the Lord has called to Uganda. Each one is working in a different area, facing different challenges, but all have the same goal. Each of us long with the Lord to many to come to know Him!

Janice and I
Thank you Lord for like minded ladies who have a heart for your people here in Uganda. You are so loving and show me daily in little ways how big you are yet how personal you are with me. Oh, how you love me! -Amen

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