Friday, October 19, 2012

For the LOVE of the doughnuts!!!

"For the LOVE of doughnuts!" This is a saying I often say. Well, today I am yelling it (in my head not out loud.....I am not alone in my house to do so.)!

Can't hide the feelings. There is no way to sugar coat the truth. Today I feel like I want to go "home," where ever that might be.

Our God is so big....but right now I am feeling like things are falling apart. He is a god of details, never forgetting to dot an i or cross a t. The role I work in, here on the field, is one of planing. If you know me at all......that is right up my allies! I love details. But today, everything feels like it is in pieces on the floor. And for now I am more than ok with that. (Ask I type this I can hear my sweet grandmother say, "That is how the cookie crumbles!" How true that statement is today!)

Really. I will not but on a fake smile and try to pick all up all the pieces. It is hard to believe it right now, but I know it is true, in His timing all of it will all work out. Not only will it work out but it will be His will and not my messed up one! For now I just pray I am able to love like He is asking me to and in all things give Him the glory that is due.
Not going to lie.....a box of these would be AH-mazing right now!

"For the LOVE of doughnuts God, I do not know what to do! You are the One with the best plan so show me what it is. God, until it is all made clear will you help me be still and know you are God? Would you please hold me in your arms and love on me, for today I feel I need it. You are good....I ask for you to show me each and every day something that helps me see just how GOOD you are. Too often my eyes fall away from you. If needed super glue them on you! Thanks for loving me, yes the broken, lost and tired me. -Amen"

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trying to be better...

Are you like me, rushing out the door and not having all the things with you that you need or  have not finished your A.M. to-do list?!

Well, if you are, you know the feeling. Something like you are ok with what you have on but not 100% sure what it is,  like there are some of the thing you need with you but not all, and the fear of thinking you will never get it all done in the back of your mind. Oh, yeah. I know that feeling all to well. When I moved to Africa, as a missionary, I assumed my life would be a little slower. You know fitting into Africa Time. I could have not been more wrong. No wonder there is a saying about making an ass out of you and me when you assume.....because it is TRUE!

I may live in a place that is event oriented and not task oriented but my role, the one God asked me to do, is more task then event. So, over the last year of being here on the ground I have kissed my "slow paced" dream goodbye. Trust me I love my ministry, the people I work with, and where I live...but that dream of slowness has faded!

With so many things coming up in my date book I need to do something! Something to help me feel less like a chicken with no head, if that is possible. So, I am trying something new tonight, yes it is night here in Uganda.

As soon as I walked in the door I started to look around and to see what needed to be done...and what things were not life or death. The list I came up with is below:

-Washing in off the line
-Washing put away
-Wash and dry veggies 
-Kitchen cleaned up
-Water filter re-filled
-Lunch made for tomorrow
-Plan something for dinner tomorrow
-Go through emails, personal and ministry related
-Feed the fat cat
-Get ready for tomorrow
-Nightly Bible reading
-Bed hopefully before 11pm

Long list right?! And it is already 7pm. So here is the game plan I came up with!

Kitchen- as I put the clean dishes away I would get the coffee pot ready for the morning. I would also let the water run to re-fill the water filter. Dirty dishes could be left for the lady who comes once a week to clean for me. While chatting with a friend wash and dry veggies. While SKYPing put everything in the crock-pot for tomorrows dinner. Call kitchen done.

Washing-as I listen to some worship music bring clothes in off the line AND put them away...otherwise they sit in a pile for a week! Make a pile of dirty clothes to be washed in the morning. As I pass done "dirty clothes pile" feed the fat cat, and trust me she is FAT!

Emails- While enjoying the sounds of the kids playing in the compund next door I will set a timer. Set it for 20min and work on as many Short-Term Emails as I can. When timer is goes off close email and take a shower. After shower re-set the timer for 20min. Work on as many personal emails I can. When the timer goes off close emails and computer for the night (this is a hard one for me). Once computer is off sit and do my nightly Bible reading. By then I pray it is not past 11pm.....even if so GO TO BED!
I wish I was this together by 6am!

So, that is the game plan for tonight. Lets see how much I can do! If you have any tips on time management or finishing one's to-do list let me know!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Colors of Hope

Africa is so colorful! Trees, flowers, people, and ever the fabric! Daily, I am blessed to see smiles as big an bright as the sun!

These bright smiles have become like family to me. I love them so much and thank the Lord I get to live among them! Some of my Ugandan family have the skill of sewing. They do it on the side as extra income. There is one lady that has made many lovely things for me in the past. The last time she made something for me she opened up. She told me how helpful it was for her and her family to have the side job of sewing. With the extra money she can insure there is enough for all her children's school fees.

After we had this conversation I thought for a while...."wish I could give her more extra business with sewing." I lifted her and her family up to the Lord with out a clear understanding of how I could be helpful to them. A few weeks later the Lord placed an idea on my heart. Something that only could come from HIM, I just love how He know the best way to plant His will into my heart and mind.

Just some of the fun and colorful fabric my friends will be working with!
Colors of Hope, the idea the Lord gave me, is just is the growing stage.....trusting in the Lord to lead it, as He sees fit.

The idea is that the ladies I know, who sew, will work on making African Tablecloths and Napkins. I will pay them a fair wage for each item. This will help insure their family can pay for school fees ( they pay school fees three times a year). Then I will turn around and sell the tablecloths and napkins. This will help me cover the cost I spend to pay the ladies and buy the materials. Also it will help me buy more fabric so they can make more table clothes.

Education is important, as we all know. But also it is so important to help people rise up, not just give hand outs. So, this is a way to support the ladies I have been blessed with getting to know while allowing them work for a better tomorrow! They will only make what they can, NOT becoming a sewing company or  NGO. Keeping it small, personal, and meeting needs.

Well what do you think?  If you are interested in buying a tablecloth and or napkins please contact me! It would be so encouraging to the ladies to know people are already interested.

All of us ladies also ask for your prayers. Prayers for wisdom and guidance. We are only looking to do His will and not our own. Thanks for your prayers and comments for Colors of Hope!