Sunday, May 20, 2012

EZ WYP (Biodegradable Wet Wipes)

(Very excited to write my very first product review!)

Every one is jumping on the "Green" wagon and for good reason. We were put on this earth as care takers for God's creation. The only problem is there are many products now that are labeled Green but are not that effective, many products but NO EZ WYP. It is a great product!

Before I moved out to Uganda I went to a Green festival in San Francisco, my other home. There were many companies passing out their products, you know getting out there by word of month. As I passed by a booth I was handed a wet wipe. After cleaning my hands with it I saw well it worked I walked back to the both and got a business card. Once home I looked up the company on the web. I was impressed with the information they shared and how they marketed their product. 

I ordered two bags and two refill bags. With all the craziness of moving over seas, setting up a home in Africa, and just life, I forgot I had them. Not sure how I got by with out them for so long! Out here you wash your hands often. Many times there is not soap or even water to wash your hands, welcome to Africa. The EZ WYP case is easy to carry and use. Fits well in my bag and holds its own water (I use filtered water). The water and wipes go everywhere I go....and that is a lot of places. At church, at a meal out, out in the bush, on the road, in a plane, and just about everywhere they have come in handy!
(For EZ WYP video)

Up in South Sudan I have a friend with a little sweet 1 year old. When she comes down to Kampala next I will be giving her a case and a refill bag to try. If it is useful in Uganda and soon South Sudan just image how helpful they would be for you! As a mom, teacher, office staff, church worker, student and everyone else in the middle you will LOVE EZ WYP!

EZ WYP is easy to order. You can find info on their site and or perches some off Amazon. The price is also great! $7.99 on Amazon with free shipping for a bag of 50.

Hope you all will give it a try! If you are, if you have, or if you have questions leave a comment!

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