Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blessed and RICH in friendship

Often people look at what is in their checking and saving account to tell how rich they are. If the numbers are high they feel (a false feeling) of peace and joy. But, when looking at our lives that way only leads us to live a roller-coaster ride of emotions.  Daily those numbers will go up and down. That is life....nothing stays the same. All people seek for a way to gauge how blessed and rich their lives are, this is natural tendency.It is in how we gauge the richness of our lives that is so important. We are all blessed and rich in many ways, no one way the same as the next.

This morning I was blessed and saw how RICH my life is. At 8:30am ish here in Uganda and at 10:30pm ish in Davis California a SKYPE call took place.  Two friends chatted about everything under the sun for over 2 hours! Laughs were shared. Joys were highlighted. Ministry was discussed. Live was shared from 1/2 around the world.

If that is not a gauge of how rich a life is, than I do not know what is! God has joined two hearts in friendship and even with time zones, hundreds of countries, and a big ocean between them they were connected (and the internet connection was not BAD!).  Those 2 hours were a loving reminder of how much God has blessed my life. He showed me through my past that He has blessed me with a good friend who are  apart of my life here in Africa. Only God can take your past and intertwine it with your future. I truly believe that is how He planed for us to look at our lives to say "we are BLESSED and RICH." He did not plan for our bank accounts to do it; He made them a way for us to build our trust and faith in Him. But, friends, family, our community, and the body of Christ is a gauge of the richness of our earthly lives. It is a way to see how blessed we are on earth while keeping the focus on others and the eternal home we are waiting for.

MY LIFE IS BLESSED & RICH!!! Thank you Lord!!!
(Evidence of a blessed and rich life)
My daughter in spirit after she cut her toe on her flight back from Kenya

The lovely ladies that work at Makote Inn

Life long friend, Ann, on her wedding day!

Blessed with a loving and supportive grandmother!

Keri and Jenn....two ladies I LOVE!

Rachel and I, two hippies at heart

The one who completes me! Wendy!

My Little Love...Wendy's daughter Jaylee Ann

My Little Man, who is not so little any more, Erik Bromley

1/2 the family in AZ, JD's 21st Birthday! So Cal sister

RHONA! My blessing in the ST office

I get to love on children all over Africa, what a honor Lord!

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