Friday, May 25, 2012

Ikea grater/container Product Review

This product made its way into my house via a missionary yard sale. It was well used and love before I got it and I can see why!
Elegantly like mine minus the small grater

Ikea has a grater/container combo. It is so helpful! The grater fits as the lid for the container and holds everything you grate as you grate it. The grater comes with two lids, a small grater and a larger one. When I picked mine up at the yard sale it only had the larger one... but it still works great.  Easy to store and very light. Many kitchen items are heavy and moving overseas=packing all you can and being under the weight limit.

If you are heading out to the mission field and or loving and supporting someone on the field, this is a item worth packing or sending! Trust me....many meals came together out here because of this kitchen tool. (the dish made the most is carrot ginger brown rice) It is also very affordable! Got to love Ikea for that! The grater is about $4 (I say about because I live in the world of exchange rates changing daily). Ikea has a great website and you can even see if it is in the store cloest to you! This product gets two thumbs up from me.

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