Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh, what a shortbread cookie can do!!

That saying "The Lord works in mysterious ways, " could not be more true! I just got a call from a missionary friend working in the the North part of Uganda. She just had received a small care-package I sent to her via another missionary. 

She called with an excited voice, it brought a smile to my face! She proceeded to tell me how thankful she was for the care-package. The other day she noted she was walking around the house looking for something small to eat. She was craving some British Short-Bread cookies, which I just so happen to have picked up in town for her package. Her voice was so joyful as she told me how much the little gift meant to her. As I listened to her I could not feel that the Lord used me to bless her. He had me go into the right shop, walk down the right allies,  and pick the right cookies.

Really think about it. I know her but we had not spoken in weeks. I was clueless she was craving short-bread. Also I was so unaware you could even get them here in Kampala, but the Lord knew! This small event has made me stop and think. How many times does the Lord use me or uses others and we are unaware of how we are being used.   It just is a testament to how He knows best, His timing is perfect, and what great things happen when we obey Him! So from now on I pray to be better at being open to the Spirit! If He moves I will go, if He prompts I will respond, and so on.

Lord use me! Even in little ways. When you do something it is not for nothing. Help me see how every little thing plays a part in your master plan. Soften my heart so I can hear your Spirit better! -Amen

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Amy Bishop said...

Thanks for this story Cassandra- I have been following your blog and enjoy reading it! It's so true- you never know when God is going to use you to be an encouragement in someones life, and it's so important to be sensitive to Him for guidance to do that!