Monday, January 28, 2013

Learning Through Faith

Friday, I dropped my car off at the shop. It is amazing how much maintenance cars out here need. The roads are hard, dust is flying, and the sun it hot. For parts that move, Africa is no cake walk.

The Beast, what I named my 4X4 Toyota Prado, had a laundry list of repairs. Just as roads are hard on cars repairs are hard on my wallet! Fixing my car is always a leap of faith. You just never know how much it will cost or how long it will take. Friday to Tuesday this time and close to $400.

The Beast!
The Lord is teaching me a lesson in faith right now. There is $100 in my account and the $400 bill comes due tomorrow afternoon. Now as you read this you might be thinking this is a peal for more support, trust me it is not! There is peace in my heart. God will provide and will do so in His timing! How do I know?! Because our God is faithful.

I know how great His provisions are! When I moved to Uganda I came out with a dream to have a car but no funds for one. 6 months after I landed a The Beast was given me to. Yes, I was given a car. God  touched some missionaries heart's. They were head back to American for good and thought I could use the car. How great is our God?!  He is AMAZING!

So just like a car was given when there was a need I know the funds will be as well. I pray for His will and timing. As He answers I can not wait to share it with you!

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