Tuesday, January 8, 2013

8 New....

2013 is here! God is moving! This month alone 8 new Short-Term missionaries will land here in Uganda.

2 have landed this past week. Just yesterday they finished orientation and are headed to their ministry locations. It was so great to hear how each one had a different encounter with God and how uniquely His called each of them to Africa.

Every orientation gives me goosebumps! As each ST missionary tells their story I see how big our God is.  I also love to see them draw out their stories, yes we have fun in orientation with colors and markers! With 2 out of the 8 done I am getting even more excited for the rest of the month!

Post Bus our Short-Termes use to get to the South-West of Uganda
Please join me in prayer for the 2 new STmers and 1 skilled STmer who are traveling to the South-West of Uganda to their ministry location. They are enjoying a 5 hour bus ride to meet up with their Unit Leader and go through one more field orientation. Travel in Africa is never easy nor what one expects. We are praying for a safe and uneventful ride!

Also please cover the 6 yet to arrive here in Uganda. 1 New short-termer is currently at AIM's US office going through orientation and will be flying out on the 9th.
AIM US's last Short-Term orientation! A few of these STemers are here on the field already!

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