Friday, December 21, 2012

Quotes, Thoughts, and Christmas

So I am not 100% me, still fighting the "flu" and spending a lot of time on the couch and in my bed. While I was resting on the couch today....with my first cup of coffee in three days (how did I live without it?!) I watched a documentary.  Little known Cassandra Fact, I LOVE documentaries!!!

It is in-tiled "Beware of Christians." There are many parts of the film that are the stereo-topical "college guy" adventures and behaviors. But if you wad through it you might be surprised, as I was, at the though provoking questions they ask about Christians and issues surrounding Christianity.
 To be honest there were points my soul and spirit were convicted. Yes, me the "perfect" christian. The one who lives for the Lord on the mission field each and every day. (if you do not know me well I was being sarcastic!) Some of the quotes that made me stop and think are listed below.....I would love to know if they make you stop and think as well. (it would be nice to know I am not the only one who doesn't have it all together)

Quote 1: " You know when you grow up in church, you always hear be wear of drugs, sex, and alcohol. We point our fingers at all these different things, maybe we should be pointing the finger back at ourselves. Maybe we should say beware of Christians! Beware of people like us, who know how to say all the right things but who have a really tough time giving their WHOLE lives to God."

Quote 2: "It really doesn't cost anything to know how you are spouse to live or talk about it, it costs a lot to actually do it!"

Quote 3: "The more I try to glorify God, with my life, the more I realize how much I SUCK at it! But, at the same time it shows me how much God had to LOVE me to send His son to die FOR me!"

All three quotes made me stop and think, deeply, about who I am and how my life reflects the the Gospel. But more over number three just hits me in the heart at this time of year. In just a few days we all will be celebrating the day our savoir was born. God in human form birthed in a stinky, dirty, and cold manger! The son of God who would die for all mankind. The lover of my soul!
 There is nothing I can say or do to repay the Lord for what He did for me, nor can you. But as I think about all my FAILED attempts to glorify Him, I just see how much He picks up my slack. No matter how many times I fall on my face He is right there. Every time I lose my cool and let my sinful nature get the best of me He forgives me. When my heart is in shattered on the floor and tears are flowing down He is holding me tight. Why? Why would the God of all creation do that? How could a sinless man take my place?

The only thing I can think of is He LOVES me. Something I will be thankful for and wonder about till I see Him face to face.

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