Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ladies, Crafts, and Smiles...

If you enjoy crafting then you know the feeling that comes over you when a project is done. You also enjoy looking around for new ideas. Like-minded friends are always share tips with you. Often you get together with other to work on things and share some laughs. (Come on crafters.....raise your hand hand HIGH!) If you know these feelings you are not alone!

Last Saturday was the first "Ladies Craft Fellowship!" It was so fun!!! Over the last few months my heart has been feeling for ladies working on the mission field, specifically the ones that are in Kampala. Everyone is busy. They work 24/7 most days and are giving  giving giving. Now personally I know the feeling, due to the fact I have lived in the field for over a year, of being alone in a crowded city! So after thinking and praying for many months I asked ladies to come together! Asked them to join a fun filled afternoon with other ladies. We shared some craft ideas, ate together, and most importantly connected!
We made necklaces out of old T-Shirts! Not a stitch needed!
The turn out was small, due to the fact many could not come even though they wanted to. After everyone left and had mentioned how nice it was to get together I felt lead to do the fellowship monthly!
One of the lovely ladies that came on Saturday!

So now once a month we will gather together in my home to share ideas, recipes, crafts, and life. We are all excited! Your prayers would be a blessing at this point. We are trying to work out a time each month that works well for most of us....with our schedules you can image how crazy hard that it. Also if you have any craft or recipe ideas please share! We would love grow our idea list. Just leave a comment below.  We also promise to take photos of your idea if they come to fruition and post them for the world to see!

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