Saturday, September 8, 2012

Playing in the Dirt!!!!

The Hippy, Green Lover, ECO Friendly, CALI Girl in me is coming out! I live in a second-story flat but that wont stop me from growing some yumm-o veg!

This evening I had some fun on my front and back patio getting my hands in the dirt, pulling some weeds, and singing out loud (sorry neighbors!). Before today there was a mix of want to be veg and flower on both patios. Taking some time to think, I do that some times. It made more sense to have all the veg in the back, right outside the kitchen door. So, all the lettuce, wild rocket, mint, rosemary, and tomatoes got moved around.

When things have sprouted, bloomed, and ripened I can not wait to taste their goodness. Even when living in a very green country like Uganda I miss Farmers Markets. Taking an early Saturday morning with good friends, thinking of you Miss Kari, while walking around and getting your shopping list knocked out. Oh, and the verity! There is a berry shape hole in my heart after moving out here! But I digress....

While having one of my "missing Cali" moments I realized I could grow some greens. It will never replace all the fabulous Farmer Markets but it is all one can do at this point.  Also I get to play in the dirt! So, fingers crossed! Here is to playing in the dirt and fresh veg!!!!

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