Sunday, September 9, 2012

T.I.A. (this is so AFRICA)

Today I ran around my house (after sleeping for about 4 hours extra in the morning, was not feeling so hot) and getting things ready for the  new week. Also tried a new workout routine. At the end I was dirty and in need of more rest.

I deiced to have a bath! (One must enjoy it while city power is on to heat the water and oh yeah, when city water is on as well!) Got everything ready and I heard the "almost daily click" of city power going off and battery back up kicking on. Thankfully I had a hot bath waiting for it was fine that city power went of, well that is what I was thinking. After my bath I saw city power was still off in my flat but lights around our building were on. Strange you say....haha NO! Often for some reason or another a switch flips and city power is cut in my flat alone. So I walked down stairs to look at the was as it should be. As I walked back up to my flat I heard "EHHHHHHH" and I replied with "HMMMM" and raised eyebrows (the way you know when someone is hearing you and following you conversation out here.) It was one of our grounds guys. He said power was off. He laughed when I looked at him with a dumb founded look (we were standing in a very light hall way!). So he explained.

Something about the wire from the pole in front of our building and having a bad connection to one side of the building. Guess who's side of the building?! :) Yup, that is right, MINE!

Praying the guy who I was told will come tomorrow to fix it comes. Until then it is very little light in the house to save the precious battery power, who knows how long it will be till our side has city power again! Yup, T.I.A. home sweet home!

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