Saturday, September 29, 2012

A helpful tool... Martha Stewart Funnel

So, before I packed up and moved 1/2 around the world I was blessed to spend over a week with my family in Arizona. Still totally confused why on earth they packed up and moved to the desert. But, hey the Lord works in funny ways right?!

While I was spending some good family time with them I also worked on my "bring to Africa list." One day all us ladies headed to Macy's I was excited because they where having a huge sale! Even with all my excitement I never thought I would find something "useful" for Africa....but low and behold I did!

Sitting on a table in the "home department" were some Martha Stewart cooking tools. Glancing over the table, something caught my eye. There were fun colored funnels. But not just any funnel mind you. They were 1/2 they folded up! "How great," is the first thought that came to my mind. I mean great!? They were light weight and  folded up. Prefect for packing only 6 bags to start a home and ministry in Uganda.

It has been almost two years from the time I bought two of the "how great" funnels and I love them. They do not take much space in my small kitchen and are so helpful. Truly! I have to filter my water or boil it before I can drink it. Also I have one with me when I travel, when I  might have to boil and pour water into a jarry-can or water bottle. They travel well and are so light I will even be taken one on my tip into South Sudan. Why would I not?! On those flights every Kg counts!! (It is a bush flight)

Now these is just some of the most common uses I have found for this great kitchen tool, but I could not even begin to think how helpful they would be back in the "West." Not only in the home but; office, school, classroom, and more! The fact they come in different colors is so helpful! My green funnel is the travel one and the blue one is for my home only. If you had to you could have one for each day of the week!

I know a funnel might not be on the top of your shopping list but if you are in need of one I say go with the Martha Stewart Kitchen Funnel (product number 7.678.271)!!!

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