Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You must take the good with bad!

The other day my post was a downer, I admit it. But that got me thinking. Thinking while I was on the back of a boda boda riding around Kampala. People think missionaries live a great life. Well they are right to some degree. Let me explain.

Most missionaries life in a foreign country. Places in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, and so on. While these places are exciting and new there are so many things once faces whiling living there other could not even think of. Illness, harder living conditions, lack of understating to how things work, language barrier, are some of the things that people back home think of. Yes we do deal with these things but so much more. For me, for example, I am living in a country that sees me as a child still. I am 28 years old, have a college education,  am a licensed minster, and living in Africa as a single lady. Out here....that means nothing. I am not a woman until I am married and have children. This also feds into a spiritual battle with me in.  It brings up the age old question of will God bring someone to be a partner with?! This is just one thing people would never think that single missionaries deal with. Well we do.

Missionaries would love to say we have 365 good days out of the year but in reality we are lucky to get a 1/3rd of that. But that dose not mean we do not love what we do.

God has called us here. He has made it all happen to be "on the field." There is joy in knowing that our Father God sees us as worthy (even with all our baggage and sin) to do this work. This helps us over come the bad days (the last post was written on a bad day). The fact  that God is in control hit me while on my boda boda ride this morning. I was sitting on the back of a bike of a guy I know and trust. He met me after I dropped off my SUV to get an oil change. He then drove me to the office and while on the way I saw so much beauty. This beauty started to make the craziness, had moments, and loneliness fade a little.

Photo of the city take from the road next to my flat
Out here I am learning to take the good with the bad. Yes, more often then not there a lot more "bad" than good but it is still worth is. 

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