Sunday, August 26, 2012

Learning what it would be like.....

For the last 4 days I have been learning. Learning what it would be like if I was a mom, not just a mom of a few sweet souls. Learning what it would be like if I was a mom of 7!

Some of you reading this might be loving the idea of 7 kids running around your home full of laughter, cries, illness, playtime all the while you are watching little souls become who they were created to be by the Father. Others, might be shaking their hear "No!" Maybe that is a big number for some but let me tell you....I am learning how great it is.

My friend has 8 lovely adopted children.  Adopting all these awesome little ones is just one of amazing thing her and her husband felt lead to do. They (as a family)  answered the call to move to Africa as missionaries. Yes, they are out here, in Uganda living for the Lord "on the filed" as a family of 10. They make me excited to see what the Lord might call my family to, one day.

With 8 kids you can guess how busy my friend is. Truth is with living in Africa there is an other side of her busyness no one would think of, yet she does it with rock star status. Well in my eyes at least! To help in a small way, trust me a very small way, I watched 7 of the 8 while she and her hubby dropped the oldest off at boarding school. This is the first to head out to school. For many this is a strange concept but boarding school is conman for MKs. Their oldest is heading to an AIM run school in Kenya. So, while they drove to Kenya, sat through orientation, helped get the dorm room ready, and meet all the school staff I stayed in Uganda with the 7.

There is no way to shear how much I loved, learned, and grew in these 4 days. All I can say is "WOW." Being a mom is work. Work that is so meaningful! Now, understand I am not saying I want 7 of my own.....but you could  say I am more open to it, more now than ever before. Yes, God has yet to join my heart to someone else. I still have many fears about having children in my 30's rather then my 20's. My heart feels called to adopt. But all of this is left to the Lord, for He knows and to be honest I prefer it that way.

But these 4 days have been so meaningful to me. You could say I was given a chance to see what it would be like if the Lord blessed me with this many little ones. 4 days doe not sound like a lot but with 7 running around a lot can happen. Let me try to tell you in a nut shell: Day one- it was day 2 with out mom so everyone was having a hard day. In the middle of the night one jumped in bed with me because her ear was hurting so there was very little sleep. Day2-the ear ache turned into an infection and someone had a fever and tears most of the day. The others had fun while having a water flight. One missed the evening movie because of choosing over and over again to do what he was asked not to do. The night ended with decorating for the birthday the next day. Day3-HAPPY Birthday! We had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Everyone was soaked at the end of a water balloon fight, even with some unhappy ones saying the girls cheated. Day ended with Brinner for dinner and Jumangi movie night. Day4- HAPPY Birthday, birthday number 2. After chores we all watched an episode of Adventures in Odassy, and then talked about what we all learned. We also prayed together. We also prayed for the sun to come out so we could head to the pool.....end of the day Mom and Dad came home!

It was a crazy fun filled 4 days. The Lord is good. While He has been teaching me about true womanhood He also has opened the door to  start learn about motherhood.....kinda of scary and yet exciting.  

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