Saturday, August 11, 2012

Did you know....

Did you know that men and women were created in God's image? Yes, I am sure you did. But more over, did you know that we both reflect God is ways the other can't?

God made man, wired him a cretin way, gave him strengths just for him, and put qualities and characteristics in them only they can use to point back to God himself. Just as He did this for man He did the same for woman. There are things inside each  of us, men and woman, that glorify God.  

The qualities in male and female each are an aspect of God. This is so power. It hit me that we are living in a culture that says gender does not matter....but it dose. Each of us, created who we are weather male or female, with our characteristics that were given to glorify our creator. Think about how cool that is.

The world tells us other than the obvious differences, there are no differences between men and women. What a lie. The enemy is great at making us believe we are the same as men. I think Nike helped sell the States on buying into "anything you can do I can do better." Can you remember the male and female athletes going at it, showing how she could do everything he did and do it better. Well, I remember, and as a young girl I thought that was great. Nothing could hold me back.

After moving out to Africa....God has done a number on my heart. He is teaching me what being a woman means by His definition, not the worlds.  Many times before Africa was home Genesis 1 was read and never jumped out at me, well that was until Africa. Now reading it I see things with new eyes, and understand them with a new heart.

Genesis 1:27 So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them.

He created them! Them meaning both, both of them were created in His image. If God did not prosperously create male and female to point back to Him, this passage would be different. Think about the fact words like mankind, them, as well as male and female were used. There are only two genders that make up mankind. So, why stress over and over THEM?!

I think it is because it stress to us, His creation, we are created in His image and how that shines through men and women differently. Both point back to Him and give Him glory but both do it in different ways. So, yes. Gender does matter.

If you are a man, be proud to be created from the side that shows God's strength, courage, and manly qualities. And also, if you are a woman, then embarrass the fact you reflect the tender, lovely, and creative side of our creator! There is so much beauty within each of us, male and female, that tells the world of our amazing creator! So, let your light for the King shine in the fact you are comfortable being a godly man and or woman.

Daily show me more and more of how I can reflect your glory, because you have mad me a woman. Give me your heart for other ladies, who are not where I am on this topic. Give me your grace for those who will tell me I am equal to a man in every way. May your word of of truth on womanhood sink deeper and deeper into my mind, heart and, spirit. Amen.

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