Sunday, September 25, 2011

Narnia or Jesus Film?

Today was a great day! Started off rainy but then became the most lovely Uganda day! While I was trying to heat up some water I learned we were out of gas for our stove. We really need to get more gas but it was raining. If you have not heard about life in Uganda and rain let me fill you in.....

When it rains out here life comes to a stop! Taxis don't run, bodas find a place to wait it out, and people just wait. Wait for it to stop raining. I was blessed to wait it out in my flat! While waiting it out my neighbor invited me over for coffee (if you have not caught on us missionaries drink a lot of coffee and tea!). We had a great time chatting. It was really our first opportunity to get to know each other. Yes, I have been living here for almost two months but we are both busy ladies! After enjoy morning together I decided to try to get some gas....after all I did want to be able to cook something at some point today.

So, I set of to town with my friend and boda driver Emma. He was great. Got me in and round town EVEN with Starday traffic! I got to the store (not the gas store the other store) and I got a few things and then got really inspired! lets just say my living room has a new coat of paint! Well, almost all of it does. I am a little to short to reach up top so I will have to work that our some how. But wait I am not writing about paint! Or gas for the stove! It is about the film Narnia!

You know Narnia, that is right the great movie that was first a book by C.S. Lewis! While painting my living-room I put in the movie because some how we had power! YES POWER (sorry but I get excited when we have power for more then 12 hours at a time!)!!!! Any way. As I was watching and painting I really saw the story of Christ in it. I know I know C.S. Lewis is a Christan and wrote it in a way that shows the story of Christ. Something this time really made me see it AND feel it. Maye it is living in a place that is so in slaved to darkness. Or the fact that everyone out here believes in the spiritual world but yet, still do not know the one true God.

Lets just say I had a thought...while watching and painting ( am good a doing many things at the same time). What would happen if missionaries or any Christian would start showing Narnia instead of the Jesus film? Please don't take it the wrong way...the Jesus film is powerful and has changed MANY lives. But, what if people saw the story of Christ in a way that moved them, made them want to watch, and for those who are more "closed minded" didn't even know it was the story of Christ. People today are so passive. Whatever works for you is okay as along as whatever works for me is okay with you. COME ON PEOPLE! That way of thinking and living is only more reason to start showing Narnia!

So, I am just saying Narnia or Jesus Film?

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