Friday, May 25, 2012

The Woman Next Door {On Building Community} From Passionate Homemaking

Daily I try to read something.....not just for fun. Something that holds biblical values and meanings in it. Something that makes me think, grow, or stretch!

Sometimes this daily reading comes from book but mostly it comes from blogs! Many friends are blog writers themselves and there are a handful that are just written by Godly women with the gift of writing. One blog I read a lot is Passionate Homemaking. It is a great read!

The newest post on PM is entitled "The Woman Next Door." I was very touched by what was said. It is so true how little we live in community, as we believers have be commanded to. Hope you find it just as touching and stretching as I did.

(Just click on the cheerful yellow link below)

The Woman Next Door {On Building Community}

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