Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The List

Dream List...
1. Enjoying the sun in Fiji
2. Seeing the wonders of the Aurora Borealis
3. Sing on stage (yes, even with my not so great voice)
4. Sleep under the stars in Alaska
5. Get the tattoo I have been talking about
6. Met my children and see them grow up
7. Visit my family in Finland (again, last time I was 9)
8. Go on a trans-Atlantic cruise 
9. Own a pair of obscenely expensive shoes
10. Go to a movie red carpet primer
11. Take a walking safari
12. Understand American football
13. Say I-Do with my best friend
14. Learn to play the ukulala 
15. Own a Land Rover (the old safari kind)
16. Attend a All Black in New Zealand
17. Host my grandmother's 90th  birthday party
18. Take my mom on an African safari
19. Name an OPI nail color
20. Raft the Nile river
21. Walk the Medina in Casablanca, Morocco
22. See the great migration in Tanzania
23. Visit all 50 States
24. Grow old with the man I love
25. Make a wish in a shooting star   

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