Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Day In The City

I was blessed to join my friends and their family for a town outing on Saturday. I meet this sweet family at ABO in July. The Nalls were a blessing during the time at ABO. Three weeks of training, cross culture lectures, and classes on spiritual warfare takes it toll on you! The Nalls kept me laughing! We had some fun adventures in to Machaos town, roll on the floor moments in class, and great late nigh chats in the halls of our dormitory.

At the end of ABO I had to say goodbye to so many good friends. They were heading out to their area of ministry all over Africa. I was so thankful to not have to say goodbye to my sweet friends, the Nalls! There are working right here in Kampala! Charlie, the husband, will be teaching at a Bible collage called KEST. Tyra, the lovely wife, will be working with member care and other counseling ministries. Their three children are attending a school just down the road from their home. It is a gift to be here with people who understand your call, because they are called as well, and have made it through ABO with you. This way someone will laugh when you make an ABO joke. :) Photo of Kampala Traffic!!

Saturday we got together. The six of us piled into their landcruser (number one car out here...the roads are not the best!) and headed into Kampala. We planed on going to a local museum and lunch. On the way through the thick Kampala traffic we all agreed we should eat first. So the gang and I head to a cafe. The food was good, the company was great, and then it rained! Hope you all know what I mean when I make a reference to rain. This city comes to a complete stop when it rains. So needless to say we never made it to the museum! (woo hoo, another reason to hangout with the Nall family AGAIN!)
The Nall KidsEven with the day ending up rained out it was still good! Spending time with people you love and are also called to further the Kingdom is priceless! It was also a great time to be poured into. Tyra is a sweet friend! Just being with her makes me smile. The two of us were able to chat and encourage one another on this outing. Encouragement is so key when working in ministry 24/7.

Back home we set time aside for rest and encouragement. Out here, you can try to set time aside but that does not always mean you will be able to rest. Relationships are ministry out here........walking to work, getting lunch, and even just being in your home is an opportunity for ministry. So this is why getting out every now and then is so important. This is why I am so thankful for my day out with the Nall family!

This Photo was taken at the shopping center we had lunch at......TONS of rain!

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