Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello Rwanda!

On the 6th of Oct I landed in Rwanda. Once I got my bag and took the short trip through immigration (if you are an American you do not need to get a visa ….so nice and so rarer in Africa) I found the lovely lady that was meeting me. As we left the airport I had to take a double take! Gently I reminded myself that I was still in Africa. The streets were free form rubbish (for you that speak American that is the word for garbage). There were signals that worked! Know as I reflect on of what I just wrote you must have an awful picture of African countries, trash everywhere and madness on the roads. Well, that is true to some extant. Once you get use to life in Africa you see the beauty that is all around. The people. The culture. The colors! But, there is something different about Rwanda.

Everyone knows about the genocide that took place in 1994. It was horrific. Thousands upon thousands of Rwandans lost their lives. It was all about stomping out the “cockroaches” a.k.a the Toosie tribe. People were so convicted to do this they literally stomp on the Toosies! One of my missionary friends here has a house lady who personally knows that this stomping looks like. During that awful time her mother was stomped on. Not a kick; it was a littoral stomp on her back. Just like you do to cockroaches. Still to this day she has kidney problems because of where they stomped on her back. Currently she in the hospital and it does not look good.

That is the dark side of Rwanda that everyone knows but, I have discovered a wonderful part of this country! Something many don’t know about or even get to see. There is hope here in Rwanda. People are making change and trying (not 100% but there is more of an effort than ever before) to change what happened between Rwandans. The government is better (just like any it has some issues too). The city is clean. Roads are well made. People are trying to do what they can to live and thrive. Yes, there are people without food, a home, a job, and health care. But this country has come a long way. Less then 10 year ago bodies were stung along the streets. Rwandese were killing Rwandese.

There is hope here. There are people seeing that change must come or Rwanda will never move forward. There are missionaries that are coming along side Rwandans to give encouragement, support, and the LOVE of Christ. It may be an up hill battle at times but there are people that are willing to climb!!!!!

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