Monday, October 10, 2011


What if God called you? Made it clear, you knew without a shadow of a doubt He was calling. If He called, you answered, and it was not easy how would you react? After pushing through out of love and obedience what if He told you to do it again? Could you walk in faith to do the thing you know is HARD but you are called to?

There is a missionary family is following in faith even when it is hard and sometimes painful. They see that God made has it clear there time where they are is not over. Even with many hardships and frustrations they answer the call through faith; the faith in the One who has called them. With a hearts and minds set on the work of the Kingdom they press on.

Could you do this? Really? If God called, made it clear it would not be a cakewalk would you answer with a YES? This family has been a great encourage! Their faith is so obvious in the calling even when it is not all roses for them! Just spending a few days with them has given me a new perspective and desire to do ALL God is asking of me.

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