Sunday, September 25, 2011

Welcome to my new world!

Here are some photos of my new world!

My living-room

After you pass through the living-room you enter the kitchen.....

The work in progress kitchen

After the kitchen we have my colorful bedroom (there are 2 more but they are not close to being done yet)....

The Robbin Egg Blue Room

As things get done and the house looks more and more like a home I will post it for you all to see. The flat may need some TLC but Uganda itself if a beautiful place!

The Nile River

The scenery is lovely and so are the people I am meeting!

Rhona, Heather, and I

There are the lovely ladies I have been blessed to get to know! Heather and her husband are here for a year or so. He is working as a pilot at a local airstrip. Rhona is a great lady that will be helping me in me in the office and my language! This was taken on our trip to East Uganda to see some short-term staff.

Hope you all enjoyed reading a little and seeing a glimpse into my new world!

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