Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Flatmate

Some of you know that I have a flatmate. She is working in Kampala until Dec. It is a great joy to have someone so me the ropes of life out here. But two weeks ago we welcomed another flatmate in! Mallymkun or Mally for short is the newest resident of the Naja flats. She is full of energy. Loves to sleep often. Enjoys fish and running around the flat until she passes out. Can you guess who/what she is? Let me help you out!

Mally and I in the kitchen cooking up some grub!

Mally was gift to me form my home-stay family. They live just up the road form our flat. They are so great! While I was with them I got to learn about Ugandan culture and language. They have even adopted me. I get calls weekly form them, calling to check in on me. While they live just up the road it is like they are with me because of this CRAZY fun gift, Mally.

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Anonymous said...

OO she's soo cute!! Glad to see that you are having so much fun!

Just found your blog, and it's soo kool to hear about what's going on!

<3 Becca