Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mum's trip in photos...

It has almost been a month from when I hugged my mum goodbye. It was a blessing to have her and my aunt come out and visit. Their 19 days in Uganda and Kenya flew by. Here are some of the high lights of our time together!

Mom enjoying a break on the way to the game park....5 hours outside of Kampala.

Look, we found us! We are in Uganda about to cross the Nile River!

Cars, trucks, and people cross the Nile in style!

People say we look alike.

Mum enjoying the animal orphanage in Nairobi.

They make friends where ever they go!

Driving the Beast back from Kenya!

Auntie time! Oh how I love her!

Enjoying God's creation, Africa is so flipping amazing!

See what I mean.....AMAZING!

Again, WOW!

The family with the best game ranger, SARAH!

The view from our room while on safari, I could get use to this!


At the falls!

At the top of the falls...just a little wet!

Mum yelled at me..."Hey Africa girl" guess that is my new name.

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