Friday, March 30, 2012

A Realization...

It has been to long from the last time I posted. When March’s calendar was shaping up I knew it was going to be a busy month, but little did I know how busy.

For 19 days out of this month I will be traveling. Yes, seeing the world is a great joy as well as meeting more of my extended AIM family, whom is all over Africa and the world. While traveling is great it is a reminder of how much Uganda has become home and how much I missed being home.

The first time I got that home sick feeling this month is while I was in England. I was over the moon to be in a place where I could layer my clothes and feel cold. Truly, my body has changed to match the tropical climate I have moved to, but there is something about getting a chill! Gloves, boots, scarves, and jackets were all welcomed with open arms. I was in England for a total of 10 days and by day 5 I started to miss the bight sun and colors that are AFRICA.

One plus of being in England was chatting with my family. They were much closer in time zones than when I am in Uganda. But, one afternoon while chatting with my dad he asked me if the West was treating me well and if I missed Uganda. I answered with something like I was enjoying the cold weather but I did miss people back home. “Home?” he asked. To which my reply was Uganda, home. After we hung up it hit me. Home was no longer the States. Home was no longer the West.

Home is a hot place. A place where people smile SO big, when they see you. Where I fumble over the local language and laugh at myself daily. Sometimes even hourly. A place where nothing makes sense but that is all right. A placed call Uganda. A little area out side of the city of Kampala, an area called Najja. On a road called Wamala. In flat 3. Where a four legged friend lives, keeping the mice and bugs away. My little place in Uganda…..or as I call it “home.”

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