Friday, March 30, 2012

AIM Family

While I was working on my computer I stumbled across a photo that made me laugh out loud. Literally, I was rolling on the floor. There mixed into my files of Short-Term stuff was a photo Jonathan and Brian in front of the Elfie Tower in Paris.

Now many of you might think that is normal. People always get their photo taken in front of the Elfie Tower when traveling in Paris. That is so true but here is why I was rolling on the floor…..

Jonathan works in South Sudan with is lovely wife and sweet little girl. They work way out in the bush. So far out they get their food flown in by AIM Air or MAF. Jonathan and family are working among an unreached people group call the Dadinga.

Brian works in the Central Region Office with me. He is the region’s RDO, Regional Development Officer. He and his wife live in a flat above me in Najja. They have become like my missionary parents.

Both Brian and Jonathan are living and working in Africa. There is no way they went to Paris, let alone went together! I am pretty sure their wives would have not been ok with that! So how on earth did this photo end up of my laptop? Well, lets just say we in leadership have a sense of humor. Also we get a little goofy when together for meetings. Thanks to CR Leadership meetings in Jan/Feb and a little program called PhotoBoth for MAC this lovely photo came to life!

So as you can tell we missionaries are not all high and mighty! We are the craziest down to earth people you will ever meet.

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