Monday, April 11, 2011

There Are Cameras On Us At All Times!

Rugby is said to be a hooligan's sport played by gentleman. If you have ever watched a match then you know this saying is true. There is nothing like a match....hearts pounding, bones aching, blood and sweat on the pitch while eager on-lookers chat for their team.

There is a newer movie out about a rugby team, the South African Springbucks. Invictus shows the teams unforgettable season leading up to the Rugby World Cup. The team's story is an inspiring one, but South Africa as a whole during that time was writing history. Rugby played a part and the movie so moving depicts the role it played.

While watch it today (for 100th time) a clip knocked me in the heart and gut. I have seen it many times. But there was something different. Something. The team is told they will be doing a whole bunch of rugby coaching clinics all over the country (mainly is poor townships) to help change the team's image. This PR campaign came the hight person (A.K.A M. Mandela). All but the team's caption were upset. "We have no time." "How can they tell us to play our best and have us do this too?" "What a bloody joke." With discounted hearts they were off to their first stop. They got off the bus and the caption so lovingly reminded the players "there are cameras on us at all times."

The next thing they know they are rushed by a group of Black South African children chanting at the top of their lungs....."Chester, Chester, Chester!" Chester is the soul Black South African. on the team. The rest of the team saw the children's joyous response to having Chester in their pitch and they too were all smiling soon. The rest of the clip shows how they taught the group the rules of rugby while falling in love with little dirty faces they are beaming with smiles from ear to ear.

As the team got back on the bus and rest of the movie played out I could not help but daydream about that emotionally moving clip. To many times my grumpy heart does what it is told and in the process gets a large helping of humble pie. Also I can not shake the words of the caption "there are cameras on us at all times." Their are people daily even hourly watching every move I make. Trying to see if there is something different about me or am I just like all those other "Christians."

I hope they see something different. I pray God touches my heart when it becomes grumpy.

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