Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day one in the Diginga hills of South Sudan:

The day started early! Very early! Like 5 am early……for some of you that is not early but for me it is! By 6am my cat was fed, house locked up, and I was in a taxi heading to the airstrip where our bush flight was taking off from. 

Before I lost my breakfast!
Yes, that is right, no commercial flights to where I was headed. Just small planes like a Cessna 206 or the occasional Caravan. This was my first bush flight, and the first time I ever up-chucked on a plane. Thankfully that was at the end when we were about to land and once my stomach was empty I was good.

The beauty of Africa from the air!
Besides losing my breakfast the flight was great! Africa is stunning both from air and road. This day I was blessed to see the beauty from the air. And I could not help but see the land of God. High mountains to flat plains…His handy word was there to marvel at, and I did!

The air strip where we landed
Where we landed by many people’s standers would NOT be an airstrip. A flat quasi smooth patch of land where the grass has been kept low on top of a mountain. Oh, I forgot the drop off on one end of it. But, our skilled pilot landed the plane after two fly-bys. Once the wheels were on the ground people, from out of nowhere, came to greet us! Not only people but cows and goats as well. Hills surrounded us. All you could see where hills and sky, beyond that were more hills. It did not take long to realize I was not in Kampala any more.

Once the plane was unloaded, people and cargo, porters came to carry the boxes of supplies we had flown in. Back home, you would picture a strong mountain man stepping forward to carry the things….but this is Africa! The men tended to the cows and goats while the ladies did everything. These ladies were small but WOW! They carried 50kgs of stuff with no problem, and one lady even had her baby strapped to her back.

The path to the compound
The ladies and I walked over the river and through the jungle to the compound where the team lives (about a 40min hike).

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