Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Laugh At Every Moment!

So, yesterday I got pulled over....that kinda normal. Nothing like being flagged down so they try find a reason to fine you. Yesterday it was for a good reason. Well, them telling me about it was but not the fine, but in the end I did not have pay anything. Let me explain from the beginning.

 The traffic cop noted one of my brake-lights was out. Ok, I can understand that and that is a good reason. I kinda wanted to ask him how I was to see it when it is behind me and I prefer to look at the road, but I did not. That was most likely a wise move.

After talking to the officer in Lugnada I was able to dive off without paying the fine. He just told me to get it fixed and thanked me for living in Uganda. That afternoon I asked my Ugandan brother, Godfrey, where I could get a new light. The idea was to not have to head into town to get it. I mean I do not think I could get out of another ticket. He said he was not sure....but would look. Today still no new light. Thought I might have to head into town.... did not want to do that at almost any cost!

As I was leaving the office today I asked Godfrey if he saw a place on his way home to get one and gave him some cash. Pulling out of the office compound another friend, who knew about the light,  stopped me and wanted to know what kind of light it was. Like I knew. But as we were talking I remembered a random bulb in my glove box. I told home to hold on and looked for it. Found it after a few minutes. He laughed and said "this wont work." I said "lets see" and handed him the screwdriver I also keep in my glove box. So we tried it. Guess worked! He was shocked! I let out a very loud African yell! Three of us to change it, but it worked! I ran back to the guesthouse yelling "Godfrey....Gooooooodfreyyyyyyy!"

Godfrey was in the kitchen and surprised to see me. I asked for my cash back....and held out my hand. He was so confused and said "why my sister?"  I informed him I changed the light. His jaw hit the floor! He shook his head no. I said it again and again he did not believe me. So I told him what happened. He laughed at me and said "you always know what to do!" I laughed because I was thinking he was crazy. I never know what to do! But, this time I guess I did. And, come on three people to change a break-light is funny!

So many things make me laugh while living out here and this one had me rolling on the floor! Thanks God for making me with the ability to laugh at myself!

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