Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tired Today/Thankful Today

Today I am very tired. My mind is full, my day is busy, and my to do list is growing. When you face a busy day it is even harder if it is rainy and cool. Yes, even in Uganda there are days that are cool. On my boda ride I had a scarf and a jacket on and was still cold. My Ugandan friends tell me it is TOO COLD.

The day has been a successful and good...but I feel myself dragging! At lunch I was ready to ball up and take a nap in the staff room. By 2:30pm my body was telling me it was 4pm. Now as I type this it is 4pm and I am praying I can make it through till 4:45pm when I start the journey home.

Even with my body crawling along today there have been great joys! Even in this moment I am in the office while all the new STers are sitting on the grounds of the compound learning language. They are chatting with their language helpers, getting to know them, and fumbling over new words and sounds. There is joy in hearing someone push themselves to learn, for this learning is to further the Kingdom.
Thank you Father,
Thank you for all your blessings.
For how you love us and know us better then anyone.
Your eye never leaves us and your hand is always there to guide us.
Each day your love and mercies are new.
Every moment you look at us and say we are Yours.
Thank you is not even but it is all I can say to express my love and gratitude for You, Your Son, and the Holy Spirit you sent to live in us!

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