Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sweet Jerk Chicken Wraps

Hunger and wanting something healthy I tried a new idea I had. The idea included chicken, a yellow pepper, coconut oil, soy-sauce, and spices. The end result is WOW! It was easy, tasty, and thrifty. If you are never needing a fast yummy dish give it a try!

Sweet Jerk Chicken Wraps
1 chicken breast
3 to 4 tlbs of melted coconut oil
1/2 tsp muster powered
1 tlbs brown sugar
2 tlbs soy sauce
1 Yellow Pepper
Lettuce for wraps

-Thaw and cut the chicken into small chunks
-Melt coconut oil and add all other spices
-Marinade chicken in the coconut oil mixture in a bag for a few hours
-Heat frying pan and cook chicken (the oil in the mix is enough no extra for the pan needed)
-While cooking add Jamaican Jerk to chicken (enough to cover a all chicken lightly)
-Cut pepper into strips and add to the chicken

Use whatever lettuce you like best: roman, ice burg, butter

Add chicken and peppers on lettuce and ENJOY!

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