Thursday, July 15, 2010

Here Is to Jumping!

Have you ever felt that peace that comes from standing next to a cliff? I have, I am. There is something to be said about the feeling that comes over you as you are standing there (just so we are clear the cliff is a metaphor not a real cliff!) and God is taking your hand, leading you towards the edge, and whispering “trust me. I got this. JUMP!” It may sound odd to those that have not been there but I bet there are many that are nodding their heads right now agreeing.

It is not an easy road to walk down and get to the point where the peace ever so present and the knowing that God is asking you to jump. By any means it is not easy at all. It is more like getting 10 teeth pulled in the same day or trying to build up the nerve to tell that person what your heart is screaming at you to say. But, when you are finally on the edge of the cliff you look back and see that the path was worth every tear, bead of sweat, and sleepless night. For what you are feeling now is more then peace! God is holding your hand, He is pointing you in the way to go, and even when you see just the end of the cliff you trust because you KNOW something great is on the other side.

For the last week I have been on the not so comfortable path. There is a funny sense when you come to the point where God says jump and you do it. You may not know all the details but God has made it clear that this is what He has for you. Even with all the questions about money, time, what happens if…. and all that other stuff we worry wart humans think about, a PEACE falls on you when God saying jump. So as the “what ifs” and “will if this” plays out in our heads suddenly they were pushed to the side and God has lead me to the place where all you can do now is JUMP and TRUST! My heart still skips a beat every now and then but my spirit feels right at peace. Even in this funny limbo dance there is peace. Have you felt this way? Are you feeling this way?

God really does want the best for you. He has a plan that may be unclear and uncharted to you but there is a rhyme and reason behind it. God has a great way of giving us gifts, passions, and talents can really shape how we live our lives. The ten thousand dollar question is if we willing to let is shape our lives? As I stood on the edge of the cliff getting up the courage to jump and trust I thought about all the great woman in my life. How many of them have stood where I was standing, how many of them have asked the same “what if”? My heart felt so much joy and freedom as I jumped…….how many have felt that? No matter the age there is something God is leading you to. It may be a small cliff, it may be a large one, it may even be one that changes your life forever! Isn’t worth it?

I am glad I jumped. It was hard, scary, and not what I wanted to do but even now; when my feet are not yet fully on the other side of the cliff, I know it was what I was meant to do. My prayer and hope for every woman feels the leading of God to the edge of the cliff and follows. And when it is time to jump….I pray they close their eye’s hold on to God’s hand and take the biggest and highest jump they can. When they land I pray they look back and see how God lead them to where they are meant to be!

So here is to jumping and trusting ladies!

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