Friday, March 30, 2012

Lessons About Airports

I have been in to many airports to count. Some in developed nations others in developing nations. Here are some of the key lessons I have learned…

1.NEVER be in a hurry

When you are in a hurry, yes you know the feeling I am talking about, thinking you are as fast as the Flash and it never works. Your demeanor changes, you heart and spirit are not in tune, and you act as if you are the only on in a hurry. Granted there are many reasons someone will be in a hurry and running late for their flight…with that being said I have grace for others individuals. But for those of you who can come in plenty of time, do so. You start your travels on the right foot. You can smile and be pleasant to all those around. That sounds odd right?! Wrong!!! You can be a light and a testament to others while traveling. Think about it. All those that work in the airport are treated poorly (normally by the ones in a hurry). So how refreshing it would be to be working and see a smile and hear a warm greeting from travelers. This is a simple way to show His love even while traveling. So that is one lesson.

2. If you see good food where you are stop and eat it!

How often do we think I will just walk a little more….see what is down there. And when we do we are not thrilled. Most of the time there is nothing that caught our eye or our taste buds like what we first saw. Personally I just learned this lesson the hard way. While in Hethrow I saw a lovely little healthy café. Smelled great and there was room for me to sit, but did I stop? NO! I did the norm…lets see what is down there. And low and behold nothing like what I passed. Yes, I did get some food but nothing like what was behind me. So key lesson number two learned about airports…stop and eat when you see something that looks good.

3.The less you carry the better!

Ok, if you are a mom this one is hard but if you are not, like myself, then listen up. As we all get ready to fly we think of all the comforts we want to take in the cabin with us. Pillows, blankets, snacks, music, books, and so much more! Now be honest. When you bring your good size carry on how much of it do you really use? Over the many miles I have flown my carry on has become lighter and lighter. I to was all about carrying the comforts on the flight but then learned how much I did not use. It was needed for my trip but not used while sitting on the flights. So here is what I carry on…

*Slippers (the flights are always cold)

*Yoga pants (cumphy when sitting for hours upon hours)

*Laptop (do some work while sitting and I would NEVER check it)

*Camera (same I would never check that as well)

*Kindle (many books and it weighs less the one paperback book)

*A few toiletries (so you can be put together)

*Travel wallet and Passport (never travel without it)

*A few small bags of nuts (healthy and filling)

So, I carry on one bag and call it good. My shoulders thank me while I walk around the airport before the flight and it all fits under my seat. Now I will list what I have learned the airlines will provide you with (so you do not have to carry it on).

*Blanket (on all international flights and you can ask for one for domestic flights if there is none you can use your jacket)

*Meals (yes, some are small or you have to pay but it is one less thing to pack!)

*Entertainment (most have music or videos for you to watch…if not that is why I carry on my Kindle)

Really what else (with my list and what they provide) do you need? You are not moving in. There is a purpose for your traveling and it is not sitting in the cabin, you are on your way some where. So I have learned the less you carry the better!

Those are the three most important lessons I have learned about the airport. My you take note so you don’t have to learn the hard way, like I have.

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