Monday, February 21, 2011

3:10am, no sleep, and my orange bag!

The day has come! I am sitting in the San Jose Airport waiting for my first flight. Some how I got up one time at 3:30am took a shower and was ALMOST ready when my ride come to get me. My orange bag is checked in and going all the way to Newark Airport while I get to enjoy 2 flights. While checking in I over hear people talking about how their flights were growned due to bad weather! As I sit here I am praying against any weather or ANYTHING the enemy would like to hit me with on this day of travel.

Yesterday was a blessing at church. I was called up to be prayed over and it was so SPIRIT-filled! It was a great moment and one that God used to speak to me. This week will life changing! As excited as I am I am SO nervous. Please pray! I will keep you all posted once I touch down.

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