Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Few Weeks Away...

Hello Family and Friends,
A few weeks left till I am off to New York for Africa Inland Mission's Candidate Week. Things are coming together....but the "do get done" list is still long. Your prayers at this time would be a blessing.

This month is a short one for work and we are doing assessments so time is never enough. Also prayers for my sub would be great. She is a sweet and very skilled but with subbing there is always surprises.

Personal my health is not the best. For the last few weeks I have been sick with something that is just not going away. Wednesday I have an appointment to see the doctor.....health before I leave would be a great answer to prayer!

Lastly my spirit is getting nervous! Walking is God's will is always scary and exciting. I am asking God to calm my spirit and help it be open to what He has next for me. Thank you fort all your support and prayers.


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