Thursday, October 21, 2010

True North

Every one knows there is a true north and a magnetic north....I see it is our north and God as the TRUE north. We all walk around with a compass in our lives but what north are we following?

Even the best made plans are ones that are driven by our own magnetic north. We might have set off following the True north but some how along the way through our wants, wishes, and dreams lead the magnetic north to have a stronger pull on our way. We can convince ourselves that we are walking in the way of the True north even when we know with out a shadow of a doubt we are not. Others are more then willing to hold your hand on the path telling you that you are doing what is right and pleasing for the True north. But the hard cold truth is we KNOW we are lost and wandering among coordinates that are not meant for us.

We can stop walking, get our barrings straight, and start walking towards the True north once again. There is no one that has not needed to get their barrings straight now and again. This world we live in is one that has an supernatural pull towards the magnetic north of our lives. There is no shame in talking a few steps back or even starting the whole journey over. By any means it maybe a hard thing to do but the True north does not waver or miss lead because the traveler has walked another path.

What north are you following? Are you praying and holding on to the True north? Well you are not alone! Life is a ball of confusion and I am right there with you. On this journey and in this time of a lack of clarity I pray for us. May the one and ONLY True north make it all clear so we can get back to trekking this journey called LIFE!

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