Thursday, November 10, 2011

Coming to the end of a wild year....

Hello dear friends, family, and supporters,

This year is quickly coming to an end…. can you believe it? I cannot. Looking back at what the Lord has done during this year is a testament to His goodness, love, and sovereignty!

Less then 12 months ago Fremont, California was home. Now, Kampala, Uganda is home. Within less then a full year God raised support for me to be on the field in Africa full time with AIM. It just speaks to how things move when it is in His timing and will.

It has been a wild ride for most of the year. Adjusting to a new home, language, culture, and way of life is no easy task. But, each step of the way I have seen His hand and faithfulness. There are many hard days but on the other side there are MANY good days too. I have learned that missionaries walk a fine line. One that borders fully trusting in the Lord and fully accepting the unknown daily. As I walk that line I also know that it is because of you all that I am here. God called me to come and serve but God has called you to partner in that. That is a blessing. Truly it is.

Many of you have been asking me how you can bless me during the Holiday Season. It is touching to know you all are thinking of me during this time. There are four ways you can bless me.

Opportunity One: Work funds

Workfunds are used by me for ministry related items. They cover things related to Short-Term trips for visiting the 80 to 100 STers in the Central Region through out the year. Also for hosting traveling missionaries and STers coming thought Kampala. This fund allows me to be reimbursed for these ministry type expenses. If you decide to donate to my workfunds it is a tax deduction through AIM. You can send a check to AIM’s US Office with a note that the funds are for my workfunds.

Opportunity Two: Personal Gift

A personal gift can be sent to AIM’s US Office for me. This can be used any way needed. A holiday spent off the field, extra money for home assignment, a backup battery for my apartment, a meal out every now and then. All of these things are desired but not always possible so any funds given as a personal gift would be a blessing. Please note that this opportunity is not a tax deduction. To give a personal gift, please make your check out to “AIM – Cassandra Luontela.”

Opportunity Three: Air Miles (for any and all airlines)

Flying to and from Africa is not cheap! Gifts of miles would be an enormous blessing. It will help me get to and frrm Africa for Home Assignment, trips to see family before my two year term is up, and help me travel around the US to see supporters. If the gift of miles is the way you would like to go please email me and we can coordinate using them.

Opportunity Four: Donations for my Car Fund

Through AIM I have started a fund to help raise funds for a car. Currently I am taking public around Uganda. That is not a issue unless I am traveling to see the numerous STers all over the country and region. Public can take double to triple the amount of time it would driving in a personal car. Because there are so many STers to visit it would be helpful and a blessing to drive myself there. If you would like to bless me this way you can mail funds to AIM’s US office. The check can be written out to AIM with a note of Cassandra Luontela’s Car Fund on it.

Whatever opportunity you chose I am grateful. It has been one wild ride this year but one I have been blessed to go on. Thank you for all your love and support. May you have a great Holiday Season. Much love in Christ.

Working for His Change in Africa,

Cassandra Luontela

AIM’s US Address:

Cassandra Luontela C/O

Africa Inland Mission
P.O. Box 3611
Peachtree City, GA 30269-7611

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