Thursday, December 30, 2010

Please Join Me In Prayer...

Hello Friends!
2011 is coming fast. The end of 2010 means about a month and a few weeks left until I head out for AIM training. I am writing to ask for your prayers! I thank you as you have all had a hand in my calling to the mission field; it might have been a word of encouragement, a prayer, or just telling me how excited you are as I am answering His call; it all has been used by the Lord. I could not be anything more than grateful. As my training draws closer I would love to keep partnering with you in prayer.

A lot needs to happen in the short time left before I fly out to New York. The Lord has lead me thus far and I know He has me each and every step of the way....but some prayer would be great! Before I head out I will getting everything ready, from paper work to prepping for a sub while I am gone. The week of training will be busy and fun. I am very excited to meet other AIM candidates, make some new friends, and learn a lot about African Inland Mission. At the end of the week I will know if I have been accepted into AIM and possibly know a definite assignment. This is huge! As each day passes my excitement and nerves grow. This is truly an exciting time as God is calling and I am answering. I know I cannot do it without you and your prayer support. By mid February I hopefully will know where I will be placed, the ministry I will be doing, start raising my support, and have a sending date!

The prayer needs listed below are for pre-trip, during, and post-trip. Thank you in advance for all your friendship, support, and prayers. If you have any questions or would like more information on any of the prayer needs please contact me. Thank you for the covering of prayer; it is a great blessing. I will keep you posted on what is happening through my blog.

Working for Change in Africa,

Prayer Needs!
-Reserving and sending back all the needed AIM paper work (on time)
-God's provision for Candidate Week (still need to raise $500)
-Prepping my class, lessons, and projects for a sub while I am gone
-Travel mercies (round trip)
-God's leading as the final step of an assignment is completed (I am dying to know where I am going)
-Meeting other missionaries during my training and making new live long friends
-Peace in my heart to listen to God
-All the little things (I know He has them all taken care of)

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