Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Have you every had a day your heart was so happy? Things were good the sun is shining after a few Nor Cal days of rain and you just feel good. I had that day yesterday! There was good news all the way around booked for Kenya and got something in the mail I have been waiting over a YEAR for. Even today I was still feeling the joy of yesterday. Yes, I was late for work and feeling pain form my PT appointment yesterday, but it was still a good morning.

Don't you love that?! A day that slips over on to the next day....ahhhh makes me smile and my heart sing. But just as fast as the joys of yesterday appeared news of a friend's heart ache hit me today. A dear friend of mine was informed she lost a love one today.

Just like the dark rain could hovers over Pooh bear it sunk up on my friend and I. It was hard to hear your on the phone. My heart was hurting for your hurting heart. God has a way of bringing people into our lives at the right time. This friend has been that for me. She held my hand on hard days and prayed over me each and every day. I am so thankful for her. She made and interesting year more tolerable. Now she needs someone to hold her hand and pray for her.

As we hung up the phone the meaning of COMPASSION hit me. The true meaning is to suffer with and in this day and age I see so many people using that word in ways that are far from the true meaning. How many times do high school girls have "compassion" on the girl that can't get the same new "it" pair of shoes. Or how their "compassion" leads to save face friendships that only hurt you in the end.

I just hope that I can be there for my friend in this time like she was there for me last year. God gives us people in our lives...but we have to truly love them for who they are and how God wants us to love them. No save face and no us first and then them. Thanks to her.....I know what that looks like. Thanks for the love (you know who you are) and I hope I can love and be there for you.

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