Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Steps for Lasting Change

Have you ever wanted to do something to help raise money for someone else? I have always thought the bigger the event the more money that comes in….it is true to some degree. But, recently I have found some simple ways to help support the missions and charities you have a passion for without throwing a city wide event. Here are some simple ways……

-Baking for Good
This is an online bake sale with mouth watering treats! They have different community spots open and give 15% of all orders placed under the community fundraiser back to the group. You can contact them for information on having they post your mission, charity, or group on their site. Emily is a doll to work with and it is not as hard as you would think. Really this is a great easy way to raise money…oh and a delicious way too!

-Paper Bead Necklaces
So many people have oooed and awwwed over my paper beaded necklace from Africa. Rightfully so it is really cool and helped someone in Uganda earn a monthly income. But I want to share a secret…you can make them at home! To raise money for a mission trip I am leading this spring myself and a few friends are making the beads and creating stunning necklaces with them. All you need is paper of any kind and any color, a glue stick, coffee stick, and some clear nail polish. The link below will give you how to instruction; as simple as 1 2 3. The out come is great and you can sell them to support the causes of your choice.

-A Garage Sale
We all know about the tried and true classic garage sale for extra money. We all know about it because it works but I have a fun twist…have many garage sales on the same day at different location. For example my mission’s team picked a day and will be having two to three locations open to raise money for the trip. Also they will have flayers to pass out to people who come by with info and addresses of the other locations. This way all areas get more traffic and more money will be raised in a shorter time span. The team also asked family, friends, and neighbors for donations of items to sell. People got to support the team and so some early spring cleaning. All in all a win win situation.

These are just a few ways I have found to raise money for your mission trip or to support your fav charity. All of them came from thinking out of the box and seeing if other would want to help the cause and working for change!

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